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While using Unity, we've found that the Unity Asset Store is a huge benefit to indie developers. With a massive set of quality content, the assets can help bridge the gap any team may have.

We've created several assets that have helped not only our own projects, but hundreds of developers around the world. Head over to the asset store and see for yourself...

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Available Assets

Motion Controller Buy
The Motion Controller is a character controller and animation manager that supports any type of motion. It includes jumping, climbing, sneaking, and more. Build your own motions with ease and share them with others.
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Camera Controller Buy
The Camera Controller is a AAA quality multi-behavior camera.
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Mount Points Buy
If your avatar needs to swap weapons during run-time, this is the perfect tool for you! Mount Points is a super easy tool for connecting objects together and managing those relationships.
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Bone Controller Buy
In modern games, players expect your characters to react to the environment in a realistic way. Whether it's foot placement, real-time looking, or swinging pony-tails players want their characters to feel alive. The Bone Controller allows you to do that by controlling your character's bones at run-time.
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Event System - Dispatcher Buy
Event and message dispatching is a critical part of any game. Message dispatching ensures that game objects are able to communicate in a consistant, reliable, and efficient way.
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Actor Controller Buy
The Actor Controller is an advanced character controller for use in any type of game and with any type of character.
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Easy Input Buy
With Easy Input, you have access to advanced information like how long a button has been pressed and double-click support for all keys and buttons. You can even setup actions that can be triggered by any number of inputs to simplify game logic.
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Mesh Merge Buy
Use Mesh Merge to reduce draw calls and increase performance. It's much better to render a smaller number of large objects than a large number of small objects. Mesh Merge helps by allowing you to group and merge objects from within the Unity editor.
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Debug Logger Buy
When debugging scripts, being able to write out to a log is critical. The Unity Console is great, but sometimes you want to write to the screen or a file. Debug Logger lets you do this in the simplest way possible.
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