ootii about us
ootii is a indie game studio founded in 2011 and located in Orlando, Florida.

My dream has always been to tell stories and entertain through games, but that's what it's always been...a dream. In 2010, I left a career in the eCommerce space to follow that dream. Some of my peers thought I was crazy, some of my friends didn't understand, and some of my extended family didn't know what to think. But thanks to my wonderful wife, I'm following my passion.

Having attended Florida's Interactive Entertainment Academy and released several titles, ootii remains a small, but growing company with big plans.

In short, ootii is the adventure of one guy trying to make it in the fast paced world of video games. With some skill, some fresh ideas, a little bit of luck, and a lot of support from family and friends, I'm out to prove that even a one-man-studio can make compelling games.

tim @ ootii.com
Tim Tryzbiak
Tim Tryzbiak
Drawing on 18 years of leadership experience in the e-commerce world, Tim is the business, technical, marketing ...oh hell... the everything for ootii.

Having been with Channel Intelligence since the beginning, he played a critical role in growing the company from a team of 15 to over 200. In that time, he held roles such as Development Manager, General Manager, and Vice-President of Operations.

While at Channel Intelligence, Tim was also responsible for leading key initiatives and partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.com. Channel Intelligence was acquired by Google.

Tim has also worked as a lead consultant, architecting and implementing technical solutions for clients around the US. Prior to this, he proudly served as an Intelligence Analyst in the US Army.

In 2010, Tim left the e-commerce world to follow his passion and start a studio focusing on interactive entertainment.
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