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A Few Questions

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Hey, sorry to bug you all here on the Forums but I am quite the inexperienced developer and was curious about a few things. Once I established the character model I wanted with custom weapons (sword and shield) I was attempting to figure out how I can make the attack animations flow with movement. I probably worded that incorrectly but what I mean is when you swing the sword you cut all movement to the player and only play that singular animation. I was looking at the animator and was attempting to make transitions but that didn't work. All I want to be able to do is swing and move simultaneously, as well as blocking and moving, etc. Sorry for my inexperience, I wanted to work on a small side project for myself, something fun yknow to do in the meantime.

Topic starter Posted : 18/01/2021 7:33 pm
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Hi @mirage27 ,

Are you using the Sword & Shield Motion Pack?

It all really depends on the animation that you use. In the Sword & Shield Motion Pack the animations you download from Mixamo are a mix... some have movement and some don't. "slash" doesn't have movement, but "slash (2)" does.

Putting the pack on the first Animator Layer (index 0) will allow the animations that do have movement to go through. That's the best looking approach.


The other option is to import the motion pack on to the second Animator Layer (index 1). This will allow walking to happen on the first layer and swinging on the second. 

To walk and attack, we use Unity’s “Animator Layers”. Think of each layer as overriding the layer under it:

2. Hands = Hands

1. Upper Body = Chest and Arms

0. Base layer = Whole body


I mention it briefly on page 10:


See if that helps.

Be aware that some animations don’t always match well. For example, the walk animation is a full-body animation build by Unity (on layer #0) and the sword swing is a full body animation, but we could use only the upper body swing (on layer #1). However, the spine blending Unity does between the two layers may not look great because the animations were created by two different people. So, you have to test what you like.


I hope that helps,


Posted : 23/01/2021 6:17 am