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TPMC and a inventory system?

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Looking to see if TPMC is something i can use for my next project.

So i am wondering, does anyone know of a premade inventory system, that is somewhat easy to implement with TPMC? 
I found the Old Ootii "inventory Pro", but i'm not even sure that is working because in the store its gone. 

Any suggestions? 

Topic starter Posted : 19/01/2021 10:42 am
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Hi @vaupell,

You should be able to use any inventory system with the MC, but you may have to create a bridge. I include an "Inventory Source" that can help to take information from the inventory and get the MC to animate based. You would customize that for the input solution you use.

My implementation with Inventory Pro was an example of that.

If you go that route and get stuck, just let me know.

Posted : 23/01/2021 6:19 am
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@Vaupell you can still grab InventoryPro on its github page here:

However its long unsupported. I would rather recommend using Item & Inventory System which is largely inspired by InventoryPro but much more streamlined and actively supported. The asset is getting popular and it's desserved IMO (and free !).

@timtryz Doing a bridge for this asset would be nice to have. I've seen several enquiry for an integration with ootii MC on their discord channel, and I will need one in a few months when I get back to my 3rd person game. The author Zerano could be willing to do it, he's very helpful, but i'm not sure he has your assets.

Posted : 16/02/2021 12:18 pm
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