Basic Shooter Reload

This motion is used to reload the weapon. It’s not very complex, but provides and animation and logic used to fill the weapon’s magazine.

The properties are described by tool-tips. So, I won’t rewrite them all here. However, there are some things worth talking about.


Action Aliases

The action aliases listed are used to control when we are aiming and reloading.


Rotate with Input and Rotate with Camera

These options are only valid when the motion is on the first layer.

Like several other motions, these propertied determine how the character will rotate when the motion is active.

With shooting, we’d typically use a strafing motion and looking in the direction of the camera. If that’s the case, selecting Rotate With Camera will keep the player synced with the camera direction.

In some cases, having the rotation controlled by the raw player input is valid. So, that option exits as well.



Since the character can have any type of weapon equipped, the motion doesn’t really know about the weapon itself. So, the motion need to use the inventory to determine what weapon is in hand.

This motion will use the inventory and slot specified to get the current Gun Core. We’ll then use this component to fire the weapon.

While I include the Basic Inventory for free, you can use any inventory solution you want as long as it implements the IInventorySource interface.


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