Climbing Motion Pack

This asset requires the Motion Controller to exist in the project as it leverages the character framework created by ootii.



This asset is a bit different from other assets as it’s an add-on pack to the Motion Controller. So, the Motion Controller is required for this asset to work. It also requires Mixamo’s free animations. When these are combined, your character gains the ability to climb, shimmy ledges, leap across ledges, etc.


The Motion Controller includes several climbing motions by default. They include climbing onto objects of different heights and an “edge” climb that allows you to latch onto a ledge and shimmy left/right.

This motion pack extends that by providing an advanced edge climb that allows you to shimmy left/right, jump left/right/up/down, climb around corners, and even leap to other edges. It uses Mixamo’s free “braced” climb animations. So, I call it “Climb Braced” in the motion list.

I plan on adding to this asset over time, but of course that always depends on how much free time I have.



Check out the setup page to learn how to setup the Climbing Motion Pack.



Once you’re done with the basic setup, you may need to customize the motion for your character. To do that, check out the customization page.


Important Locations

Demos: Assets\ootii\_Demos\MotionControllerPacks\Climbing\Scenes

Animations: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Climbing\Content\Animations\Mixamo

Motions: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Climbing\Code\Actors\Motions

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