Different skeletons will have different bone sizes. That can affect how the character looks when climbing. For example, instead of looking like your character is clinging to the edge, he may be seated lower or embedded in the wall:

If needed, you can customize the climb properties in order to better position your character.

The best property to modify is the “Root Edge Offset”:

This property determines where the character’s root transform should be relative to the edge that we’ve found.

When the character climbs, we’ll find the edge position (the red diamond between the hands). Then, we’ll move the character into position based on that point and the Root Edge Offset.


Body Scale

If your character is much larger or smaller than a typical human (1.8 units), you can try using the “Body Sale” property. This will multiply all my measurements. So, lets say you have a goblin that is 0.9 units tall and you want him to climb. Instead of changing all the individual properties, you can set the Body Scale to 0.5 (0.9 / 1.8 = 0.5).

You may still need to tweak the other properties, but it should help.


Other Properties

I use tool-tips on all the other properties.

They should help you understand what each property does. So, I won’t repeat it here.

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