Merging Multiple Objects

To merge multiple objects, follow these steps:

1. Open the Mesh Merge Window by pressing ‘Window | ootii Tools | Mesh Merge’.

2. Select the multiple objects you want to merge. Typically these would be objects that share the same material.

3. View the Mesh Merge window for selection details.

In this example, 45 objects were select. This would represent 45 different draw calls. Notice that they all use a single material. That’s the blue color the objects are rendered with. Since each object has a single mesh, we see that there are 45 meshes.

4. Press ‘Splice and Merge’

Once pressed, the 48 objects are replaced with a single “Merged Mesh” that is built from their meshes.

In this case, the draw calls have been reduced to 1.



Merged Mesh

Once the objects have been merged, a new object will be placed in the scene. This object will contain a component called ‘Merged Mesh’.

This component allows you to access the ‘source’ objects that were used to create the merged version.

Through this inspector, you can:

 Show the source objects
 Hide the source objects
 Select the source objects
 Delete the source objects

When the source objects are deleted, this component
will no longer be needed and can be safely removed.

Saving as Prefab

When the merged mesh is created, the mesh is stored in the scene locally. That means that it is only available inside the scene and cannot be used in other scenes or as a prefab.

To save the merged mesh so it can be used in other scenes or a prefab:

1. Press the ‘Save as Asset’ button.


This will ask you for a path to save the asset. Once saved, the Mesh Renderer will be updated to use this new asset and then you can save the whole asset as a prefab.

2. Simply drag the object from the scene hierarchy into your project like you would when creating any other prefab.

Mesh Merge Window Guide

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