Missing Animations

When you see a character go into this ‘crouch’ pose where they sink into the ground, it means that Unity can’t find the animation to play.

It’s the same pose that unity puts the character when you go to edit the Avatar and adjust the muscle settings. This is the internal pose for Unity Humanoid rigs.

Typically users report seeing this when they are using the Sword & Shield Motion Pack or Archery Motion Pack. In either case, the issue has always come down to a missed step in the setup process.

The documentation for the packs describes a couple of steps:

  1. Import the asset
  2. Download the animations from Mixamo
  3. Import my meta files from the .zip I include

Typically users forget to import the .meta files from the ‘Extras\AnimationMeta.zip’ file. This is critical because Unity stores all the animation meta-data in these .meta files. Without them, the animations aren’t setup correctly… including their unique IDs.

To solve the issue, follow the download and setup steps in the documentation. I also have videos that walk you through the process step-by-step.

Below are examples using the Sword & Shield Motion Pack:

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