ootii Character Framework

The ootii assets on the Unity Store represent a suite of modular tools you can use to create, manage, and control your characters. Regardless of the game, the ootii assets provide a solid and flexible foundation for you to use directly and expand on.

Unique Features

One of the unique things about ootii’s assets is all the assets are modular and built to work together or with any other assets you find on the store. If you don’t want to use my animations; swap them out. If you prefer a different attribute solution; use it. If you want a more powerful camera; upgrade to the Camera Controller. The whole goal of these assets is to allow you to mix-n-match to bring your unique game to life.

Another key feature is the ability to swap out motions and motors. Instead of forcing every game to look the same, you can swap out my default motions with custom ones you create for your unique game. If you don’t like my jump motion; replace it. If you prefer your character to walk in a different way, change the walk motion. If you want a different camera setup; transition the camera motors.

Adding new motions and motors is one of the most powerful features. In fact, this is exactly what I do with the motion packs. If you want your character to zip-line; you can create it. If your character needs to double-back flip; you can do it with a new motion.

Assets and Components

At the heart of the character framework is the Motion Controller; an advanced character controller and animation framework for bringing your PCs and NPCs to life. Together with the Camera Controller, Bone Controller, Mount Points, and growing list of Motion Packs, the Motion Controller provides a character foundation that is flexible, extensible, and reliable.

Each of the assets plays a role in the management of your character. These assets contain a lot more than just what you see in the title. Check out the assets below and how they fit to create the character framework.

Motion Controller

Asset | Documentation | Videos

Advanced Character controller and animation framework that represents the heart of the character framework.

Actor Core – Heartbeat component used to managed the life of PCs and NPCs.

Basic Attributes – Simple component use to create custom attributes.

Basic Inventory – Simple component to create, store, and equip items.

Orbit Rig – Simple 3rd person camera able to orbit the character.

Follow Rig – Simple 3rd person camera fixed behind the character.

Actor Controller

Asset | Documentation | Videos

Low level ‘input-based’ character controller that manages movement, collisions, walking-on-walls, and more. It’s included in the Motion Controller for free.

Camera Controller

Asset | Documentation | Videos

Super powerful ‘motor-based’ camera rig used to manage the game camera for 3rd person views, 1st person views, transitions, and more.

Bone Controller

Asset | Documentation | Videos

An FK/IK solution for controlling bones at run-time. The ‘motor-based’ approach includes solutions for foot placement, looking at targets, arm control, posing, dynamic body parts, and more.

Mount Points

Asset | Documentation | Video

An Item and clothing solution used to attach equipment and clothing to your character at run-time. It supports static meshes as well as skinned meshes allowing you change weapons, clothing, armor, and more.

Event System – Dispatcher

Asset | Documentation

High speed internal messaging solution that allows you to assign listeners and send messages to ensure game objects are communicating in a consistent, reliable, and efficient way.

Easy Input

Asset | Documentation

A simple input solution that supports the keyboard, mouse, and Xbox controller. It allows you to change input entries at run-time.

Motion Packs

Archery Motion Pack

Asset | Documentation | Video

Foundation pack for shooting projectiles like arrows. It includes the flow for handling damage for PCs and NPCs.

Combatant – Component used to help manage combat including target lock-on.

Sword and Shield Motion Pack

Asset | Documentation | Video

Foundation pack for melee combat. It includes the flow for attacking, blocking, and handling damage.

Combatant – Component used to help manage combat including target lock-on.

Spell Casting Motion Pack

Asset | Documentation | Video

Foundation pack for casting spells or using advanced technology. Includes a powerful spell editor so you can create your own spells.

Spell Editor – Visual tool for creating custom spells.

Spell Inventory – Component used to hold the spells a character knows.

Shooter Motion Pack

Asset | Documentation | Video

Foundation pack for shooting guns. It handles movement, targeting, reloading, and more. Advanced features like gun customization and the basic cover system can be used with both rifles and pistols.

Swimming Motion Pack

Asset | Documentation | Video

Set of motions that allow for diving and swimming.

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