To update to MC 2.6, follow these basic steps:


Backup your project. Should something bad happen, you want to be able to get back to where you were.

Motion Controller

  1. Open your MC project
  2. Go to the Motion Controller on the Asset Store
  3. Press Open In Unity
  4. Import the asset

After you update, you may see errors if you are using any of the motion packs. This is expected. Simply update the motion packs to remove the errors.

Motion Packs

For each of the motion packs, you’re going to follow similar steps. Simply import each package as you normally do.

Once all the motion packs have been updated, all meaningful errors should vanish.

A couple of Unity error may exist due to Unity 2017. Simply clear the console; these can be ignored.

Meta Data

In each of the motion packs, I include a .zip file that has pre-built meta files for the animations that are used with the pack. In previous instructions, I show how to extract the meta files from the Assets\MotionControllerPacks\<Pack>\Extras folder.
This should be done again to grab the animation event changes that I’ve made.

Scene Migration

Check out this YouTube video as a good way to get started. The process is the same for each of the motion packs.

For each character that uses a motion pack, we’ll need to re-setup the individual motion packs. The process for each character and each pack is similar.

  1. Disable the Idle motion
  2. Disable the Walk Run Pivot and Walk Run Strafe motion(s)
  3. Click on the character and remove any old pack motions. Typically, these motions start with “Bow_”, “PSS_”, or “PMP_”

  1. Go to the Packs view (do the following for each motion pack as needed)
  2. Check all the options
  3. Change the ‘Animator Layer’ option to the layer you want the motions setup
  4. Press’Setup Pack’

Doing this will create the animator sub-state machines and motions on the appropriate layers.

Animator Layer Index – Changing this option to “1” will setup some of the motions on the second layer. This will allow your character to “walk and shoot” or “walk and swing” at the same time using Unity’s animator layers. That’s because the pack will smartly put some motions and sub-state machines on the first layer and some on the layer you chose.


The old demos for each of the motion packs will no longer work.

Instead, you’ll want to head to the new demo folder structure:

In the future, I’ll be moving all ootii demos to the centralized “_Demos” folder. This wall make it easier for you to find and delete demos as needed.


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