Shooter Motion Pack

The Shooter Motion Pack provides the foundation for using guns with the Motion Controller. As a motion pack, it requires the Motion Controller to exist in the project as it leverages the character framework created by ootii.



This asset is a bit different from other assets as it’s an add-on pack to the Motion Controller. So, the Motion Controller is required for this asset to work. It also requires Mixamo’s free Pro Rifle Pack animations. When these are combined, your character gains the ability to shoot guns, reload, move, etc.

This asset includes features like customizable weapons, damage reaction, cover, and more.


Key Components

In order to support different attribute systems, different inventory systems, etc, I created this add-on with multiple components. The image below gives you an ideal of the components that are involved.


Motion Flow

This asset uses several motions that come with the Motion Controller, but also includes custom motions for shooting, reloading, etc. These motions work together to create the full range of capabilities.

This motion packs makes heavy use of Unity’s animator controller layers. This allows us to walk and shoot at the same time. A basic understanding of how Unity’s animator controller layers works may be useful. To learn more, go here.

Movement actually comes from the existing Basic Walk Run Pivot and Basic Walk Run Strafe motions. However, we extend them with the shooter animations. In this way, when the Current Form state is set on the Actor Core we’ll use these rifle animations vs. the unarmed animations.



One of the unique aspects of this asset is the ability to customize guns through the use of Item Components. In this way, we can use a simple Gun Core and add components that change the behavior of the gun.

For example, we could add a Gun Handle that increases stability, a Gun Magazine that increases the amount bullets can be shot, a Gun Muzzle to change the sounds of the gun, etc.

You can turn the whole gun into a prefab and then have your players and NPCs use it with the Shooter Motion Pack.

To setup the Local Position and Local Rotation of guns for your skeleton, check out the Gun Core page as well.


Basic Cover System

Another big feature introduced with the release of the Shooter Motion Pack is a basic cover system. The core of this system will actually be included with the Motion Controller itself. However, the Shooter Motion Pack will make immediate use of the cover motion to allow your character to hide behind walls and exit while shooting.


Tips and Tricks

The Shooter Motion Pack includes basic support for spine IK and left hand IK. To learn more, head over to the Tips and Tricks page.


Next Steps

Check out the setup page to learn how to setup the Shooter Motion Pack.


Important Locations

Demos: Assets\ootii\_Demos\MotionControllerPacks\Shooter\Scenes

Animations: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Shooter\Content\Animations\Mixamo

Motions: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Shooter\Code\Actors\Motions

Guns Prefabs: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Shooter\Resources\Weapons

Effect Prefabs: Assets\ootii\MotionControllerPacks\Shooter\Content\Prefabs



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