Update 2.8

** Warning **

This update REQUIRES you to delete your <project>/Assets/ootii folder in Unity and download and import the latest version of all my assets that you own.

This is required to support Unity’s Assembly Definition Files.


** Errors **

When you delete the ootii folder and re-import the new structure, you may get errors until you re-import my assets that you own.

Broken text PPtr – Known Unity error when using an animator in a different version of Unity than it was created. Just ignore them and they go away.

ootii code errors – Due to ‘Scripting Definition Symbols’ in your ‘Edit | Project Settings | Player’ inspector, I will enable code when you haven’t finished re-importing.

Either delete the “OOTII_…” entries or just finish re-importing all my assets that you own.


Update 2.8

This update is a pretty major update that comes with two major changes:

Support for Assembly Definition Files

In Nov of 2017, Unity introduced the concept of Assembly Definition Files. By organizing your project in a specific way, Unity could cut your compile times down by 70 or 80 percent.

In our tests, the compile time of code changes went from 12 seconds to 3 seconds. That’s a pretty massive improvement when you’re writing code and testing changes.

To support this feature, all the ootii assets had to change their folder structures.

To learn more, check out the ootii Assembly Definition Files page.


Cross-Asset Character Wizard

The new ootii Character Wizard allows you to setup characters based on profiles. This tool allows you to configure PCs and NPCs without having to get into the gory details (unless you want to).

The wizard recognizes what assets you have and does the heavy lifting for you. Setup your character in seconds.

Learn more on the Character Wizards page. Note, the wizard is in beta and we’d love your feedback.


Unity 2017.4.1

While all my assets have been tested and work with Unity 5.6 and higher, I’ve chosen to upload to Unity using Unity 2017.4.1.

This is where Unity started supporting Assembly Definition Files.


Thanks to…

TeagansDad, FargleBargle, Shawn, and Hopeful. Without their help with implementation and testing, this massive change wouldn’t have happened.

A special thanks to TeagansDad who really was the driving force behind these changes. He rocks! 😀

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