Using custom animations

In addition to using the animations I include in the Motion Controller and motion packs, you can use your own custom animations.

To do this, you’ve got a couple of options:

My Animator States & Your Animations

The simplest approach is to just replace my animations with your own. The “Basic” motions make this process even easier. Just follow this video to learn more:

Using this approach, you can use your own custom animations without having to modify code.

This approach is easy, but it’s not the most satisfying. The reason is that your animation pack may have 1 walk animation and 20 walk transition animations that make it look awesome. However, depending on the motion you’re replacing animations for, I may only have a spot for the 1 walk animation. That means the cool 20 walk transition animations aren’t used.

You also have to make sure you look at the timing of your animations to make sure the Unity transitions still look good. This is normal Unity Animator work. So, just follow standard Unity processes.

Modify My Animator States

This approach is similar to the approach above, but you can use a copy of my animator (as I suggest in the documentation) and tweak it. For example, I may have an animator state for the 1 walk animation, but that doesn’t stop you from modifying it and adding extra animator states for your 20 walk transition animations. You would use the Animator Parameters that I have by default to help determine if you should transition between your animations. This work is all standard Unity Animator work and not specific to the MC. So, check out Unity’s documentation on adding animator states and animator transitions for more help.

Just be aware that most of may motions and animator flows start from Unity’s “Any State” animator state. You don’t want to mess with that unless you know what you’re doing. 🙂

Custom Motions

When I have the time, this is what I do. It gives you 100% control over all animation flow and you can do some amazing things. However, it requires coding and depending how complicated your animation pack is it can require some planning.

However, if you have something more complex in mind you can still create custom motions. Follow the Motion Builder’s Guide and check out this video as I walk you through creating your first motion:

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